Drive the future value of your business and optimise exit opportunities.

Building value in your company while also dealing with its daily business demands is often the greatest challenge for many business owners.

Being ‘too busy’ is also one of the main reasons why even the best made plans fail to get implemented.

How we can help

We work directly with family and private business owners and in collaboration with their management teams to identify and develop the real drivers of value in their companies and optimise future exit opportunities.

How we achieve this

We have developed a strategic process that provides a roadmap for business owners to build and extract the maximum value from their company.

This process is underpinned by the AXIA Advisory Management and Performance (AMAP) system which establishes and then actively monitors the key performance indicators (KPI’s) of value growth in the business.

AXIA Advisory then supports owners and management teams in the implementation of this roadmap to an agreed timeline.

AXIA Advisory Strategic Process

AXIA Advisory works to a typical timeline of six to thirty six months during each client engagement.


of business owners will rely on the proceeds of their company to fund their future retirement.


of business owners would also like to sell their business in the next ten years.


of business owners have a documented strategy in place for the future.

We specialise in business strategy and planning that focuses on building scale and sale potential.

What our clients say about us

Peter Fitzgerald - Principal

I believe that if you are willing to devote your energy and resources to developing a business over time, then you should do so in a way that builds transferable value you can realise when you wish to move on at a time of your choosing. I also believe that having a strategy and plan in place to build that value is as important for a small to medium-sized business as it is for a publicly quoted company. If you share this philosophy then we should start working together to make that happen.

With a proven track record in a wide range of SME sectors, Peter brings a unique combination of practical business experience, a structured approach and proven industry techniques to every engagement.

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